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    Album Review

  • Floetry - Floetic

    • Wow what can I say this album has it all! Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Steward a.k.a the Songstress and Floacist have put together a brilliant debut album. The UK RNB duo has managed to produce an album that will keep anybody happy who likes rnb, jazz, soul, and urban all together in one big album. Like some of the great RNB artist that have come from the UK, this album has slow ballads and warm soulful tracks like ‘Say Yes’ and ‘Hello You’, and the sensual track ‘Headache’, with a mix of sassy jazzy and poetic rap, the stand out tracks being ‘Ms Stressed’ and ‘Floetic’.

      An interesting fact to note is that the bonus track on the album, ‘Butterflies’ is the original version that was written by the duo for Michael Jackson for his Invincible album which was a smash hit.

      The duo have a special way of expressing a large range of emotions and sensuality in a time frame of 70 minutes, there ability to mix spoken poetry with the latest urban groove is outstanding. This album is a must for true RnB fans, especially is you like artists such as Lauren Hill, Jill Scott, Dionne Warrick, or touch of Les Nubian duo.

      This album is a must for your collection.

      Track Listing

      1. Big Ben
      2. Floetic
      3. Ms. Stress
      4. Fun
      5. Sunshine
      6. Headache
      7. Possibilities
      8. Say Yes
      9. Hello
      10. Getting Late
      11. Hey You
      12. If I Was A Bird
      13. Opera
      14. Mr. Messed Up
      15. Butterflies (bonus track, demo version)
      16. Now You're Gone (bonus track)

      For more information about Floetic visit http://music.yahoo.com/release/134603


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