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I will no longer be posting tickets out anymore, however instead I will be encouraging people to Sign Up and submit their guest list though Metroside. As this gives you up until Friday to organise your friends to have a big weekend. Using the tickets was only useful if you submitted you request before Wednesday. If the tickets were posted out any later you may not receive them in the post to use on the weekend.

It only takes a few simple steps.

1. Register a personal profile to become a part of the Metroside Community.
2. Login through the homepage.
3. Select the 'My Guest' link under the Members Area menu
4. Fill out the form with your friends names.
5. Done!

To get started just register a Metroside profile account for FREE. Please click here

If you are already a Metroside Community member please login on through the homepage by clicking here

You will be send a confirm email advising you that your Guest list has been received and that the names have been added to the door for the night.

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