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  • Lisa Marcella
    • From the shores of her Island home, to the streets of Sydney, Lisa Marcella has been able to capture listeners with her powerful voice and equally powerful music. Singing since she was four years old, she has made music her life and dream, which transforms to the passion she displays on stage.

      Lisa Marcella is now about to unleash her first album for the world to hear. "Pieces of Me", with the first single "Breathing" is guaranteed to catch your ear, with its infectious tunes and powerful lyrics, that make a mark in your mind and leave you wanting more.

      For a short time Lisa Marcella's latest single "Breathing" is available free of charge by visiting www.lisamarcella.com

      Lisa's latest offering - Pieces of Me (To be Released)


      1. Breathing
      2. Running Away

      For further details about Lisa Marcella visit www.lisamarcella.com


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